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In Space Hex Duel you place tetris-like hex pieces onto a board to claim territory which become attack bases to defeat your enemy. You can see your opponent's next pieces, so you have out think them as you plan your moves across a board with various powerups and traps.

Battle over 9 maps (plus tutorial) in Player-vs-Enemy mode or against friends Hotseat Head-to-Head Player-vs-Player mode. Play for as long as you want in Infinite mode. Track your progress with 36 badges to mark in-game achievements.


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I appear to have found a problem... this game is stuck on the AI's turn, icon spinning but unable to resolve. I think it's because there's no way it can create an opening it can use to place its piece. Not sure though.

Never mind, it just took over 15 minutes for the AI to decide on a course of action...

15 minutes on the AI is a bug - it should definitely be much faster than that. I think what is likely to be happening (given your screenshot - thanks!) is a combinatorial explosion in the number of possible targets and order of shooting. There is a supposed to be a check that simplifies the shooting possibilities in this situation, but it is either not working, or there are so many bases its not improving it enough. 

Thankyou for reporting this. It is now logged in bug tracking and I will fix it in the next patch release.

There were several "slow" turns by the game's normal standards in that match, but those were like a minute or so at most. This one turn taking that long was crazy. It got there in the end though...


This is definitely a game with more depth than it looks like it has on first glance. Lots of really interesting inteconnected mechanics. I'm still not 100% clear on how some elements work, but it's a lot of fun and there's a lot of chaos to be created along the way. The satellite/lightning tower things are by far my favourite, but as much as I don't know exactly what they are, it feels like other weapons have their strengths too. If I have any criticism, it's the lack of clarity. A "manual" option in the menu which explains some of the mechanics in a bit more detail would be appreciated!